Washing the ultimate hypercar… at a random car wash

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Washing your car in the first carwash you come across, you know how it goes. But you have never seen this: The most recent hypercar washed in a carwash around the corner! This is the very first Apollo Intensa Emozione, entirely made out of delicate tinted carbon. 10 copies will be produced, at $2,7 million each. Back from her first ride on public roads, together with other sports cars (including mine). The ride was eventful as you can see (she is really super dirty). She returns from Cars & Coffee Brescia, Italy; The Sahara wind flew past and covered it with sand. The design is simply amazing, more complex than a LaFerrari, McLaren P1 and others, but also very susceptible to harvesting pebbles and dirt. Look how we make her beautiful again.
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