Start To Finish Ferrari Detail – How We Clean A Car!

In this video we take a 458 Ferrari and show a start to finish detail. Complete with a lengthy ASMR wash section as well as a paint correction and even ceramic coating. All in hopes to put together auto detailing videos with a little something for everyone. Whether you just like to listen and watch a car being washed. Or enjoy different methods of paint correction and restorative processes. I hope you all like this video, thank you for always watching!

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All of the products in this video:

Wheel Detailing Products:

P&S Brake Buster:
Wheel Woolies:
Boars Hair Wheel Brush:
Tire Cleaning Brush:

Washing Products:

Awesome Affordable Foam Cannon:
Super Soft Microfibre Mitt:
AM Details Luxury Car Soap:
Sun Joe SPX9004 Pressure Washer:
MTM HydroParts Pressure Washer Wand:

Decontamination Products:

CarPro Iron X:
CarPro Tar X:
Optimum No Rinse:
AM Details Clay Bar:

Paint Correction Products:

Rupes LHR15 DA Polisher:
Rupes LHR75E 3 Inch Polisher:
Lake Country Microfibre Cutting Pads:
Lake Country White Polishing Pads:
Meguiar’s M105 Cutting Compound:
Meguiar’s M205 Finishing Polish:
The Rag Company Towels:

Ceramic Coating Products:

Gtechniq CSL(Base Coat):
Gtechniq EXO(Top Coat):
Gtechniq C5 Wheel Armour:
Gtechniq Smart Glass:

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