Car Detailing Mclaren P1 Hypercar! 💰 Tips on washing a performance car.


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Detailing a Mclaren P1 hypercar in style. Today im going to be carrying out a detail on the Insane Mclaren P1 with one of the greatest paint jobs you will ever see on any car so I have made this a relaxing viewing experience. For this video i carry out a standard exterior car clean and a basic interior valet.Unlike my other videos I have toned down this video to make this one more ASMR to make this video more satisfying.

Throughout the video i will go through some of my best tips for cleaning a hypercar plus i will be going through some of the products i use for my mobile car valeting business.

This also gives you at home the chance to see the Mclaren P1 up close and personal as i carry out a walkaround so if you love relaxing Detailing videos then you come to the right place.

Main Camera -
Smartphone 4k camera -
My Mic -
My Pressure Washer -
Charles Vac -
George Wet Vac -

Car Washing Chemicals Used:
Garage Therapy: One Shampoo for regular maintenance washes
Garage Therapy Wheel Shampoo: Perfect for Matte finish wheels
Citrus Pre Wash: Valet Pro

Wheel Cleaning tools used:
Halfords Barrel Brush

Car Drying tools used
Autosmart Microfibre Towels
BigBoi Blowr car dryer

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