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Today i am going to answer an important question on how to wash a car in direct sunlight. Many of us work out doors and in high heat conditions and this can make washing cars more difficult, the water dries up before we can hit it with our mitt or towel or by the time you get to drying, the paint is too hot which can cause some lesser quality towels to scratch more than normal, and when you are drying you often end up with streak marks left behind.

There are also people who say you should not wash a car in the sun, its bad, you'll scratch the car, its not the right way and yada yada. Don't listen to these people, they are probably using a poor service or doing things wrong themselves or were not educated on the matter correctly.

Today I have one of my car wash regulars with his beautiful porsche GT3 that was previous ceramic coated and had PPF applied to the front. I always have to work in direct sunlight at this guys house so I figured it would be the perfect time to do a demonstration on how to wash a car in the sun!

So what do I recommend? I'll start with what I do not recommend which is to not use a pressure washer, do not use a foam cannon, do not pre soak the whole car unless you want to end up wasting gallons of water and chasing your tail.

So what I do recommend is to get yourself a set up to rinseless wash if thats not already your current method of car washing. With rinseless wash you can easily go panel by panel and stay in control of everything. In this video I will demonstrate doing one panel at a time, pre soaking with my pump sprayer filled with distilled water and Feynlab Pure Rinse less wash and then going over carefully and lightly with my nice soft blue fluffy towel. Right after washing the panel, jump right to drying immediately before anything has time to dry up.

Your drying towel will saturate quickly which is okay, I learned from Larry Kosilla of AMMO NYC that using a slightly damp drying towel can help in preventing swirls. This will undoubtedly leave streak marks behind though and not totally dry the panel but thats okay! All the dirt is now gone and there is an easy fix for streaks once you have washed the car.

GO around the full car one panel at a time, changing out towels when you have used all the sides, this will maybe take you 10-20 minutes depending on size, condition and your skill level. Once you have finished doing this grab out an air blower like the air blast side kick and blow dry very thoroughly! Make sure there is no water dripping from cracks that could dry on your nice clean surfaces, customers really like a drip free wash and that is one of my biggest pet peeves here at Wicked Auto Protection.

Now we are at the streak removal process which is to use a quick detailer of some sort to now go over all your clean surfaces with and remove anything left behind. My go to for extra shine is a mix of 5oz of feynlab ceramic spray sealant an 3-4 oz of Shine Supply punch it with with 22oz of distilled or DI water. This makes an incredibly easy to wipe off quick detailer that gives you that ceramic shine for 1-2 weeks. A very inexpensive way to add value to your car wash.

You have now successfully and hopefully scratch free washed a car in direct sunlight! So finish up those wheels, door jambs and windows and get onto your next job!

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