ASK US About Detailing & Car Stuff! | Q&A Thursday #80 | July 30th, 2020


内装用クリーナー スクラブブラシセット クリーニングブラシと馬毛のディテールブラシ 車の内装 シート ボート ソファ カーペット用

It's time for Q&A THURSDAY! Dane & Levi are here to help answer your detailing & automotive questions, Anthony's out on a camping trip and if you're wondering where Morgan is, you'd better watch the last ten minutes of LAST week's Q&A!

While you wait for the show to begin, check out the latest episode of #WASHWEDNESDAY:

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Q&A Thursday consists of two segments:
1ST HALF (3-3:45pm MST): Intended for detailing technique & product-related questions. (Including deep-dives into some questions as time-allows)
2ND HALF (3:50-4:30pm MST): This is the "Fun Half", where everybody can cut loose, tell stories and joke around with the crew!

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The Rag Company is a worldwide provider of premium microfiber & auto detailing products for cars, trucks, SUVs, boats, aircraft and a whole lot more!
Hosts: Dane Hennen, Levi Gates
Produced by: Nick Kovach, Tim O'Brien

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