Car Detailing Center: BMW 530e Interior/Exterior Detailing & Apply Ceramic Wax for Paint Protection


AguaMirai(アグアミライ) 【フチ無し加工】 プレミアム・マイクロファイバー洗車タオル (超・吸水)【小サイズ(40x40cm)4枚セット】【ES-PT44Y4】 5034

Complete Interior Detailing, Engine Cleaning, Trims Cleaning, Clay Bar, Using Koch Chemie H9 (Compound), Lack- Polish rosa (Wax)& Sonax Perfect Finish (Finishing Polish), Ultimate Glaze (chamical guys) by Garage 9 Lahore Pakistan.

We are using Branded Celebrated Products to Clean and Protect your Car Interior & Exterior.
Koch Chemie, Sonax,Mothers,Chemical Guys,Nano Skin,Car Pro,Meguirs etc

Garage 9 offer the following services:

1. High Pressure Wash, Steam Wash, General Service

2. Interior Complete Detailing, Exterior Complete Detailing,

3. Ceramic Coating, Glass Coating, Jet Seal(chemical guys), Wax for Paint protection

4. Compound, Polish, Glaze for Wet Look

5. Paint Correction (Swirl & Scratch Removing), Claybar for Decontamination,

6. Tar Removing, Rust Removing, Engine Cleaning,

7. Wind Shield Cleaning & Protection, Wheel Cleaning & Protection, Restoration of Plastic Trims

For booking & Inquiry Cell us: +92300-4148418
Garage 9 - Adjucent Shahbaz Sharif Hospital,Mehar Town Stop, Main Bedian Road Lahore,Pakistan


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