Is this the best Car Detailing Wheel Cleaner, Tyre Gel & Ceramic Spray Coating on the market?


【Liberty Walk(リバティーウォーク)】LBWK × BUCKSTAR マジックシャンプー

Searching for the best car detailing wheel cleaner & the best Tyre Gel is always going to be a tricky a task. I want something that's strong, safe and requires little work to make my life easier so i'm hoping these new products will tick all those boxes.

Watch the entire video to find out my thoughts on the Vortex Wheel Cleaner, Drifter Tyre Gel & brilliance Hybrid Detailer. The car i used for this video is a Bentley Continental GT First Edition with Black alloy wheels. Also in this video i will share tricks and tips.

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Products used in this video:

Other Car Products used to make this video:

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Recommended Detailing Wheel Brushes:

Ez detail brush -
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This is not a paid promotion. These were purchased in order to make an honest review.


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