Auto Finesse The Big Detail – Porsche 944 resurrected from the dead.


When a Facebook competition with over 4'000 entries goes out on the hunt for a car to test our team of detailers on, we knew we might be met with something interesting, and in true fashion you guys put us to the test, voting for this Porsche 944 to come in and see what could be done in 3 days.

Watch on to see how it turned out, and how we managed to overcome some curveballs it threw the team along the way.

With special thanks to:
Wrap extreme
Nigel @ A1 Wheels

Featured detailers:
Liam - Urban valets
Josh - The features club
Danny - DG Automotive
Alan - Kleentec detailing

Products used:
Citrus Power - pre wash:
Avalanche - Snow Foam:
Eradicate - engine cleaner:
ObliTARate - tar and glue remover:
Lather - Shampoo:
Aqua Deluxe - drying towel:
Clay bar kit:
DPX - Machne polisher:
Revitalise kit:
Illusion - Show Wax:
Finished with:


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