New Car Protection Detail – Detailer Diaries – #mercedes #detailing #cardetailing



First big detail completed in our new unit 👌🏼

This @mercedesbenz #gle450 is owned by one of my long standing customers who i respect greatly and has become a great friend of mine 🤜🏼🤛🏼

By far- the biggest challenge to date, with paint that was butter soft in certain areas- that needed tickling to say the least.

After it’s Enhancement polish (more a Multistage) it’s now protected with two layers of @nanolexcarcare Si3D BC Ceramic coating, then subsequently followed by two layers of Si3D HD - which can only be installed by Nanolex accredited detailers.

With self healing properties- this car is now ready for its life on the road, all surfaces coated 🙏🏼


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