Ceramic Maintenance Wash Detail – Exterior Car Cleaning – ASMR


AdlaS アドラス ドロップス500ml 超撥水コーティングスプレー 濡れたボディにふきつけて水で流すだけのツヤ超撥水コート 全塗装色対応


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In this video I show how I maintain and keep my ceramic coating fresh.

Products used:
King Carthur Control Snow Foam
Chemical Guys Citrus Wash n Gloss
Sonax Wheel Cleaner
Tershine Refract

My work procedure:
Step 1
Soaking the wheels with a wheel cleaner/fallout remover

Step 2
Coating the whole car in Pre-wash snow foam.
Let it sit for 10 minutes.

Step 3
Rinsing the car.
I always begin from bottom to top.
When there is no snow foam left I rinse it from top to bottom to be sure there is no snow foam or residue left on the paint.

Step 4
Contact wash!
Washing all the plastic trim with a wet sponge/microfibre towel with Chemical Guys Citrus Wash n Gloss

Step 5

Step 6
Wheel cleaning.
Cleaning all 4 wheels with brushes and APC or shampoo.

Step 7
Contact wash.
Cleaning the paintwork with Chemical Guys Citrus Wash n Gloss and premium microfibre sponge.

Step 8

Step 9
Protecting the paintwork with a wet coat.
Tershine Refract can be applied on dry or wet paintwork.
Hence why I can use a microfibre and work it in safely.

Step 10
Dry the car!

All finished!

I hope you enjoyed my video!


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