SUPER Cleaning a Mom’s NASTY Jeep! | Complete Interior Exterior Car Detailing

Enjoy the SUPER cleaning of a Mom's NASTY Jeep! Together, we’ll detail this SUV in a truly satisfying video!

Today we are detailing a 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee that has 56K miles on it. In addition to being used as a daily commuter. This Jeep hauls her two kids and furry baby around.

Detail with me as we detail the exterior and detailing the interior of this mom's nasty Jeep. We’ll start with washing the outside of the SUV including the wheels and tires. Next, we’ll remove all of the customer's personal items, trash and even the seats so we can detail every inch of interior. Then, the real fun begins. Our customer has not had floor mats since she’s owned the car so we’ll shampoo and extract the carpets in some satisfying video! Now, because this Jeep has leather seats you’ll get to enjoy them getting a cleaning and conditioning treatment. Finally, we’ll finish by applying a UV protectant to make the entire interior and exterior pop with sheen.

Now, sit back and relax to some chill music as we SUPER clean this Mom's NASTY Jeep!

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