BMW M140i Finale Full Detail – P2 Paint Correction!海外カーディテイリング


3M コンパウンド 艶出し用 ウルトラフィーナ グロスアップ コンパウンド 473mml 5959

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Products used in video:
Nv Clarity

Four Seasons Cloths

TakeNow Detailing Light

Waxit Paint Thickness Gauge

CarPro Masking Tape

Rupes Mille Polisher

Nv Finesse Polish

Lake Country Orange HDO Foam Pad

Scholl Concepts S20 Black Compound

Lake Country Blur HDO Foam Pad

Rupes TA50 Polisher

Rupes LHR75 Air Polisher

Music tracks in order of play:
Side Road by Jenny Penkin
Reaping What I Saw by Anthony Lazaro
Written In The Stars by Anthony Lazaro
Tell You by KYLO
It’s True by D Mills
Viscous Void by Evgeny Bardyuha
For You by D Mills


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