How to make SERIOUS MONEY from a Mobile Car Detailing Business! BIG SECRETS REVEALED!

Today i will be showing you exactly how much money you can make from running a car detailing business. I'm going to be sharing some of MY BIGGEST SECRETS that i have implemented over the past 15 years and will give you clear examples on how to double your money if you are a small to medium sized mobile car valeting business!

We discuss best practices such as charging hourly or a flat rate. I want to share some examples of a good pricing structure and show you how to target the right customers. This applies to anyone who runs a small mobile business or even applies to those who even have a car cleaning business from home too.

The prices are based on UK rates so may differ for other countries so check GBP. If you want to be an entrepreneurs in cars then i suggest you check out some more of our business secrets videos on this channel.

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