Washing My F80 M3 At The Self Car Wash


UNGER SPOTLESS CAR WASH ウンガー スポットレス カーウォッシュ 洗車用 純水器

Washing my F80 M3 has always been at home with my own equipment/tools. In this video, I show you what I bring to a self car wash and some ways to save you some times and money. This video was filmed the day before the BMW Invasion of Melbourne FL at a self car wash.

Keep in mind, this is a great demonstration for people who don't have access to a hose at their home. There is nothing set in stone on how you should wash your car, but I wanted to show you guys how I would do it if I only had access to a self car wash. Hopefully these tips can help you guys out. If there are other techniques that you guys have, please feel free to share it !

BMW INVASION of Melbourne FL has been in the works for quite a while. The months of planning and the countless hours were finally coming to a close.

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Below are the products you've seen or that I referred in this video and my previous :

The Products I am bringing to the Invasion :


Waterless Product

P&S Beadmaker

Wheel Cleaner

Interior Detailer

Leather Cleaner / Kills Bacteria

Tire Dressing

Glass Cleaner

Wheel Brush

Microfiber Mitt For Wheels

Microfiber Pad

Waffle Weave Towel

Microfiber Towel

Microfiber Wash Mit

Drying Towel (MF4 No longer available on Amazon but I found a replacement)

Trunk Organizer

Bucket With Gamma Seal With Grit Guard

Tool I Used to Take The Leaves Out

Camera Equipment I use :
My New Camera

(One of the highly rated Vlogging Cameras)


Lavalier Mic

Mic Adapter for GoPro

50 MM Lens (B-Roll Lens)

Lens Adapter for 50 MM Lens

Mic for Camera

Micro Mic for Camera

Micro Mic Wind Muff

Best Camera Bag under $35.00


Drone (Best Bang For Your Buck)

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私のF80 M3を洗うことは、いつも自分の機器/道具を持っていました。このビデオでは、セルフカーウォッシュに何をもたらすかと、時間とお金を節約する方法をいくつか紹介します。このビデオは、BMWインベイジョンオブメルボルンFLの前日にセルフカーウォッシュで撮影されました。 心に留めておいてください。これは、自宅でホースにアクセスできない人々にとって素晴らしいデモです。車を洗う方法については特に問題はありませんが、セルフカーウォッシュしか利用できない場合に、どうやって洗えばよいかを皆さんに説明したかったのです。うまくいけば、これらのヒントは皆さんを助けることができます。他にもテクニックがあれば、遠慮なく共有してください! メルボルンフロリダ州のBMWインベイジョンは、かなり長い間開発に取り組んできました。数か月の計画と数え切れないほどの時間がようやく終わりを迎えました。


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