September 2020 Retake: Belmont Car Wash & Detailing

After going through the Burlington Car Wash, we realized that the inside of our car was a complete mess and needed to get it cleaned. We knew that doing it ourselves would take forever, so we decided to go back to the Belmont Car Wash & Detailing in Belmont MA!

It’s been a while since I’ve been here so I decided to go through the wash so I can get a better take of this wash. Out of all of the full service car washes I’ve been to, this one has to be the best! It’s a flex service site so it can do interior and exterior washes! They also do detailing here.

I went through this wash back in 2009 and it was MUCH different then. It only had 3 Mitters (2 unknown and 1 old Sonny’s unit), a set of old NS wraps, older rinse arches and 2 old Sonny’s dryers and the Superior Hurricane Drying system. Around 2014, a major renovation took place. This included adding a Sonny’s Front to Back Mitter and Spyder wrap combo, Rocker Panel brushes, poodle brushes, an OMNI high pressure arch, multiple new Rinse arches, Hot Wax Applicator, a Foaming Glaze Applicator, 2 new dryers and Formula Finish chemicals. A new conveyor was also put in.

So far, nothing has changed here really. For the exception of the hot wax led sign getting new graphics on it and one of the Superior dryers burning out and got replaced with a dryer pros dryer.

Because of the renovation, Belmont Car Wash & Detailing were featured in a Auto Laundry Magazine issue in August of 2014! They showed pictures of the grand reopening along with the newly added equipment and the newly renovated waiting room! Part of the waiting room is a Squirt pistol that you can use to spray cars when they are going through the tunnel!

Since our car was disgusting on the inside, we bought the Super Interior Package which included:

*Vacuum Seats & Carpets
*Wash Rubber Mats
*Clean Dashboard & Console
*Rims Cleaned & Tires Dressed
*Door Jambs
*Windows Inside & Out

And of course, for the wash, we bought the $24.99 The Belmont Wash and the $7 Formula Finish Synthetic Hot Wax upgrade so it came to a $31.99 wash. It included:

*Simoniz Double Bond
*Clear Coat Protectant
*Wheel Brite
*Tire Shine
*Underbody Wash
*Triple Foam Polish
*FormulaFinish Synthetic Hot Wax ($7 Upgrade)
*Hand Dried
*Exterior Wash

Wash Quality: Outstanding! Belmont once again provided amazing results! Some soap was left on our car but that’s totally fine. It’s a common issue with car washes these days. They did towel dry right after so they wiped it right off. We waited for an hour and a half in the nice waiting room and it was totally worth it. I even got footage of cars going through the tunnel! Overall, I’d highly recommend checking this wash out to anyone who is in the Belmont area!


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