Tesla Car Wash 🚗 Power Washing my Model 3 at Home 🏠 Foam Cannon | What I Use

I thought I’d do a fun little video on how I wash my tesla at home. Full disclosure, I’m by no means a hardcore, follow the system.., Car wash guy. If you think I didn't follow the cleaning process the correct way please comment below.

Westinghouse Electric Pressure Washer 👉🏻
Car Wash Brush Kits Mop Mitt 👉🏻
Foam Cannon Blaster 👉🏻
MEGUIAR'S Ultimate Wash & Wax 👉🏻
Chemical Guys Snow Foam Cleanser 👉🏻
Turtle Wax Ceramic Spray Coating 👉🏻
Turtle Wax Ceramic Wet Wax 👉🏻
Microfiber Cleaning Cloths 👉🏻
Armor All Car Tire and Wheel Shine 👉🏻
Ultimate Windshield Sunshade 👉🏻

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I’m also no where near the level of dirt accumulation for example Dirty Teslas model 3 on his youtube channel where I believe he drives on gravel roads a lot. My tesla is rarely if ever driven on gravel roads, but rather solid payment like most people. So when you see me cleaning the car with no two bucket system, it’s because I do not have the crazy amount of dirt accumulation like he does. So here we go, last year I originally just used a garden hose and a one bucket system with the typical car soap and brush. I then discovered this electric power washer on amazon for a reasonable price and what sold me is that it's equipped with wheels. Which you'll see later comes in quite handy when moving around the car. Typically other electric power washers would need to be hand carried as you move about around the vehicle. It also has a built in soap dispenser which I personally do not use because I have a soap cannon that attaches onto the pressure washer nozzle itself. This washer is also equipped with 4 nozzle sets and when pressure washing your car I recommend using the 25 degree attachment, any lower and you could damage the paint or worse, the cameras on the tesla for autopilot. So here is my method to wash my tesla.. I start off by first pressure washing the car with plain water to remove any contaminants, dirt, and bugs accumulating on the paint. You can see how nicely this washer rolls around as I move around the car. Next I remove the 25 degree attachment and attach my soap canon applicator using the meguiars ultimate wash and wax soap. Now you can obviously choose whatever car soap you'd like, I just prefer this soap the best and it appears to work quite well in the soap cannon. I know a lot of the professional cleaners will use Chemical Guys snow foam cleanser, either way; use what you like best. Anyways, I then go around the entire car with the foam cannon and let the soap sit on the car for a few moments before I go ahead and scrub it down with this microfiber brush mop. Again my car really never gets that dirty and I typically do this about every 2 weeks. However if my car was like dirty teslas car, meaning caked in mud, I would highly recommend the two bucket system.. Which is dipping your mop in the soap water twice every so often so you don't scratch the car's paint with possible debris you have picked up in the mop mitt. I feel this car wash process works best for me but certainly look into the two bucket car wash system if you think you need it again I’m no professional at this, I just enjoy washing my own car at home rather than running it through a car wash. After giving the car a good scrub I then go ahead and remove the foam cannon applicator and re-attach the green 25 degree angle nozzle. I Thoroughly spray down the car being very careful to not get too close to the tesla side cameras. When finished it's important to use a microfiber towel to prevent scratching of the car's paint, I found these on amazon for a decent price. Now when the car is still wet I like to use this Turtle wax ceramic wet wax applicator to prevent water spots and add some nice shine to the paint. When the entire car is dry; I grab a different microfiber cloth and spray the car very lightly with this turtle wax ceramic spray coating that really makes the car pop, adding a brilliant shine while also repelling water after a good rain outside. This stuff by far is my favorite and I use it once a month to maintain my teslas clear coat. Not only can you use this on the car's paint but also on the rims, headlights and trim. It’s just a really great solution from the turtle wax brand. Finally, I apply this extreme tire shine by Armor All to add a nice wet black shine that typically from my experience lasts 2 weeks. Avoid the tire fading and cracking with the gel applicator avoiding the messy overspray. Washing your tesla at home too.
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