HOW TO DETAIL & CERAMIC COAT A NEW CAR! 2020 Ford Mustang! P1 Wash & Decontamination!

Products used in video:
TakeNow - Hand Held Detailing Light
Take Now Handheld Detailing Light

Nv Snow+ - Strip Car Was Detergent
Snow+ | Heavy Duty Wash

Gun St 2300

Gun ST 2300 with Quick connect

Kranzle K2160 Pressure Washer
Kranzle K2160TST

Wheel Brushes
Wheel & Tyre Brushes

Cascade Wash Mitt - Wheel Wash Mitt
CASCADE | Plush Microfiber Wash Mitt

Shine Supply Wise Guy - Tyre & Wheel Well Cleaner
Shine Supply Wise Guy

Nv Purge - Wheel/Rim Cleaner
Purge | Reactive Wheel Cleaner

CloudBurst Wash Mitt
CLOUDBURST | Advanced Microfiber Wash Mitt

Waxit Foam Lance
Waxit Foam Lance

CarPro Iron-X - Fallout Remover

SuperCell - Drying Towel
SUPERCELL Drying Towel

MetroVac Vac n Blo Pro - Car Blow Dryer
Metrovac Vac n Blow PRO-Commercial

Music tracks in order of play:
Hanagasumi by Ottom
Youth by ANBR
Empyrean by Michael FK
One Shot by Anthony Lazaro
Rush by Tristan Barton
The Next One by Keston Barton


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