Detailing 101: How to Wash a Car During Detailing

In the last episode of Detailing 101 - Adam Cote explained how a professional detailer washes and details wheels & tires. Today we'll explore the process of washing the exterior of the vehicle. Now, it's important to remember that washing a vehicle for maintenance vs washing it during a detailing job is night and day. Get a Free Quote:

For example - when you wash a car, truck or SUV normally, your goal is to remove all debris and dry it completely. For a detailing project, the wash is intended to accomplish a similar goal, but you'll be reapplying soap (in the form of clay lubricant spray) shortly after.

As such, the exterior car wash during detailing should be quick - yet effective. And that's what Adam explains in this video. Today we will introduce you to a hybrid two-bucket washing method using a waterless car wash solution. This means, no rinsing - or wasting a lot of excess water.

If you'd like to read the step-by-step blog by Aiden Forde - click the link to the Ceramic Pro website.


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