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Turbo Wax BOOSTED 2.0 Exterior Ceramic Coating 9H Application Guide on Niche Wheels

Turbo Wax BOOSTED 2.0 Exterior Ceramic Coating 9H glass technology produces a semi-permanent barrier between your vehicle’s surface and the elements.

This product will provide protection & a wet mirror shine for up to 3 years.

This 30ML bottle contains enough product to completely protect two medium size vehicles. For large SUVs, 2 bottles are recommended.

Product Features:-
- Passed the test of 9H pencil hardness under 1000g,
- Salt spray testing 240hours and thermal resistance
- Long-lasting hydrophobic affects more than 2 years for applying one layer coating;
- Super High gloss finish, gloss more than 98%-100%;- Anti Scratch, Anti-graffiti with pencil hardness above 9H- Anti high temperature above -400/+600Celsius- Anti-UV, weather resistance
- Thermal, chemical resistance product

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Niche Wheels Niche Road Wheels is a manufacturer of high-end, luxury custom wheels

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