He built THE ULTIMATE automotive detailing studio!

Prestige Detailing Studio channel:

Prestige Detailing Studio has over the last 8 months been putting together his dream garage, the ultimate automotive detailing studio right here in Perth, Western Australia. Truck driver by... any time of day or night and a detailer on his off swings he decided to put a tonne of cash, and a tonne of blood, sweat and tears into this INCREDIBLE build to further his career as an automotive detailer.

We also want to apologise to Flexico - the flooring is SO incredible we completely took it for granted and didn't even once talk about it on camera. Lots off camera, but nothing on camera. Head on over to where they have a tonne of information on the flooring.

Everything from a flush mounted scissor lift from Happ, to Swisstrax flooring from Flexico, to cabinets from G-Tools, Merlin garage door opener, Poka Premium for the mounts, Getlit Led Lighting for that insane roof lighting. The list goes on and on for this insane setup, and Rhys very kindly takes us on a tour!


Music by - Intergalactic Sneakers - Jobii


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