15 Minutes Of Auto Detailing ASMR – Jaguar XJS Foam Wash

Ask and you shall receive, completely raw and uncut auto detailing ASMR. Follow along as we prep this Jaguar XJS to be polished. We take you through our entire decon foam wash process, from initial wheel cleaning to the final step of claying the paint to ensure we have a completely bare surface to start correcting. If you like satisfying sights and sounds of auto detailing, this should be the video for you!

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All of the products in this video:

CarPro Iron X:
P&S All Purpose Cleaner:
IK Foam 2:
Chemical Guys Boars Hair Brush:
Chemical Guys Tire Brush:
Comet Pressure Washer:
Affordable Foam Cannon:
5 Gallon Buckets:
Meguiar’s Shampoo Plus:
Adam’s Polishes Wash Mitt:
CarPro Tar Remover:
IK Multi 2:
Optimum No Rinse:
AM Details Clay Bar:
CarPro Dhydrate Drying Towel:

Camera Gear:

Sony A7iii:
50MM Emount Lens:
Rode VideoMic:

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