Alien Magic Halloween KIT 2020 Car Detailing Products

Introducing Alien Magic Halloween 2020 Limited Edition KIT

Purchase Halloween KIT here ( Worldwide Delivery ):

All new products never seen before in all new packaging and fantastic fragrances to go with the Halloween theme. This kit is limited to only 1000 sets worldwide and is only available on sale until 31st of October 2020 or whichever comes first.

Car Shampoo

is a superlative shampoo with added Nano-silver particles and Gloss Enhancing Polymers. Quickly removes road dirt and traffic film to leave surfaces clean, bright, shiny and streak free. The surfactant(s) contained in this preparation complies (comply) with the biodegradability criteria as laid down in Regulation (EC) No.648/2004 on detergents.

500ml – Pumpkin Spice & Orange Fragrance

Quick Detailer is a very simple gloss enhancing spray that works beautifully on all of your vehicle surfaces including the interior hard surfaces. This water-based, environmentally friendly product contains no harsh chemicals or abrasives that could damage paintwork, offers anti-static properties and is anti-smear.

Restore the shine in no time with very little effort! Quickly and effortlessly remove smears, smudges, fingerprints and light dust from your paint, glass, chrome and trim as well as repelling water & dirt build-up for easy repeat cleaning due to its excellent hydrophobic properties.

500ml – Orange Fragrance

Iron Fallout is designed to dissolve brake dust and iron contaminants upon contact. Achieve immediate results without the need for scrubbing. Leaving no Streaks or Stains. Due to it’s powerful but yet Ph Neutral Formula it’s safe on All types of Wheels and Paintwork.

500ml – Grapefruit Fragrance

Microfibre Wash Mitt Our high quality wash mitt is made out of ultra fine and dense fibres to offer superior cleaning even on the most sensitive of finishes.

The core is made out of built-in sponge which absorbs huge amount of water extending your working time when needed. The microfibre wash mitt is fitted with a elasticated cuff is soft and comfortable.

Size:20cm x 21cm


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