Car Detailing 101 – How to Polish a Car

Installing a professional-grade nano ceramic coating or paint protection film is a great way to protect you're rides paint surface. However, before this is done, it's important to prep the vehicle by removing any imperfections, debris, or small scratches from the clear coat, headlight covers, and other materials. This is completed by polishing a car - or what we call paint correction.

Polishing a car, truck, or any other vehicle is the final step in the exterior car detailing process - prior to applying a protective coating. And it can be argued that it's the most crucial step - as most protective coatings will last quite some time. Once you apply the coating, the paint underneath will be trapped until that coating wears out or is removed.

In this episode of Car Detailing 101 - we'll dive into the step that many semi-professional or DIY car enthusiasts dread - using a polisher to buff the clear coating. Adam Cote will explain the different tools you can use, the types of polish or cutting compound, and a tutorial on how to correctly polish your ride.

If you'd like to review this information in an easy to review and detailed blog - click the link below to read Aiden Forde's take on polishing your car.


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