How To Start A Car Detailing Business

In this video I give you the few key points on how you can start your own car detailing business today and be successful. If you have a great work ethic and are looking for a revenue generating side hustle, or full time business, then a mobile detailing business is a step in the right direction. Mobile detailing is the best and most affordable business to start in high school or as a college student. You will only need about $500 to start in order to buy an electric pressure washer, hose, wash mit, bucket, foam cannon, car soap, costco microfiber towels, drying shammy, shop vac, quick detailer, clay bar, paste wax, and some spray bottles. This business is not something that you will want to start and expand to a large scale quickly. Start small and build a strong base of clientele. Learn to perfect the trade before you add on every service to your menu. A great way to find new clients is by door knocking you neighborhood. If you are prospecting, then a great way to earn a new clients business is by offering them your service for free. Once they see the quality of your service and know that you are trustworthy, you have then earned yourself a repeat customer. Price all of your services al a carte. Start a basic exterior wash and vacuum at $30. This will allow you the opportunity to sell your client on every other service you have to offer. This is when it is important to understand benefits of your services so you can pitch it to the customer. If someone is complaining about your price then you have not properly sold your methods. All customers must understand the value behind your service and techniques. Once you have completed the detail be sure to obtain the customer's name, phone number, email, address, and vehicle information. Ask them when they want you to come back next and hand them a few business cards to refer their friends and family to you. Keep this all in an excel spreadsheet with the date you performed the detail and what service you completed. Make a note in your calendar if they want you to come back and if not follow up with them in a week from the day you finished. Tell them it was a pleasure meeting them and thank them for the opportunity to clean their vehicle. Tell them you recommend they get their car washed at least once a month to avoid and brake dust corrosion and paint contamination defects. Remember that you are the professional and you are providing the client what is best for them and their vehicle. Build a strong relationship with all clients and know your products and services inside and out!

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