Transforming 40 Year Old Jaguar XJS Paint – Satisfying Auto Detailing

In todays video we take the tired, old, swirled paint on this 40 year old Jaguar XJS and restore it to its former glory. Being original paint and the age it is, we didn’t want to remove every last defect, but leave plenty of paint intact so this awesome classic can live a long life. We take you through our start to finish process of paint correction to acquire super satisfying results. Check out our last video where we take you through an entire ASMR style wash, which led us here to the correction and protection stage. Thank you all for watching out auto detailing channel!

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All of the products in this video:

Milwaukee Rocket Light:
Husky Utility Cart:
Rupes LHR15:
Rupes LHR75E:
Lake Country Microfibre Cutting Pads:
Lake Country Heavy Polishing Foam Pads:
Meguiar’s Cutting Compound(M105):
Griots Garage Finishing Sealant:
Chemical Guys Pad Brush:
The Best Edgeless Towels:

Camera Gear:

Sony A7iii:
50MM Emount Lens:
Rode VideoMic:

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