Shadowing “MK Auto Detailing” in Dorset on a new Porsche Taycan – Me to You 2

Shadowing "MK Auto Detailing" in Dorset on a new Porsche Taycan - Me to You 2

Mike of MK Auto Detailing invited me down to the South Coast to spend two days with him on a Porsche Taycan that was in for a New Car Prep. The front end had already had XPEL PPF paint protection film installed which was treated to CarPro Skin and the rest coated in Cquartz Professional with DLUX on the alloys and trim.

MK Auto Detailing:


The following installment in the series entitled “Me to You” is a visit for the purposes of sharing professional information, techniques and tips and depicts the shadowing process to that effect.

This is intended to serve neither as an endorsement nor as a review mechanism. Likewise, this video does not constitute an affiliation (beyond the purposes above) of any kind, with the White Details brand.


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