Car Detailing 101 – How to Choose Your Paint Protection Product

If you've invested money, time, and sweat equity in detailing your ride - you'll want to protect the paint from damage - right? That's the final step of exterior detailing, and the focus of this episode of Car Detailing 101.

There are several products on the market today that car owners can apply themselves, or defer to a professional. Whether you prefer traditional car wax, a synthetic paint sealant, or the multitude of ceramic coating sprays and nano coatings on the market, you've got several options to consider.

In this video, Adam Cote will explore some of the leading paint protection solutions that a professional detailer can apply to reduce scratching, etching, swirl marks, and paint oxidation. If you'd like to read the blog, Aiden Forde has written a great article on

Click this link to read the blog.


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