Ben Ami MaxShine Detailing your Car Wash Mitts vs Wash Pads Suffolk Car Detailing Supplies

For over 22 years, Ben-Ami Inc has been committed to providing Long Island customers with the highest level of satisfaction.

As a family owned and operated business, we recognize the importance of customer service, prompt response, and providing the greatest financial value. We continually look for new products and opportunities that will benefit our customers, increase performance, and ultimately provide cost savings.

Ben-Ami Inc specializes in the distribution of automotive appearance products Including:

Autobody Products in Suffolk County
Auto Refinishing and Painting Products Suffolk County
Auto Detailing Products, Chemicals and Supplies Suffolk County
Car Wash Soaps, Chemicals, and Supplies Suffolk County

Ben-Ami maintains the largest and most updated selection of named brand products for these industries, but if you don’t see something in our catalog, chances are we can get it! Contact Us today and let us show you how working with Ben-Ami is a great choice.


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