First Car wash Tesla Model Y – With Ceramic Coating was it worth the $? is Touch free possible?

First Car wash Tesla Model Y - With Ceramic Coating

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This is not only the first time washing My new Tesla Model Y after getting Ceramic Coating but also the first time i have been nervous to wash a car. I was given explicit instructions after getting Ceramic Coating on my Model Y and I was a bit worried that my soap could ruin, what ended up being on of the most expensive things I have done to an automobile.

Using the advice of a few other Tesla owners they recommended a touch free car wash and I though it would give it a try.

It may look like it from some of the screen grabs, but this video is not sponsored by Chemical brothers I just happen to use their product.

I hope you enjoy. if you have any suggestions or tips for future washes throw them in the comments.

Thanks again for watching.


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