Washing a Filthy Renault Scenic | Exterior Car Cleaning

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In this video, I'll be showing the complete process of washing this absolutely filthy Renault Scenic. This car is definitely not well looked after, and hadn't been cleaned in quite a long time so it took a decent bit of effort and some top quality products to give it a good transformation.

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Here's a list of the products used in this video, please comment if you've noticed I've missed any!

Products Used (link to website)
Garage Therapy /Zero: Decontamination Shampoo (
Cartec Insect Cleaner (

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Products used (links to Amazon):
Bilt Hamber Auto Foam
Bilt Hamber Korrosol Iron Fallout Remover
Gyeon Wet Coat
Kent Microfiber Wash Mitts

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