Car Detailing 101 – How to Vacuum the Interior of a Car

One of the most overlooked tasks of a complete detailing project is spending quality time inside. Daily driving includes getting in and out of your vehicle – and each time, dirt, dust, and debris finds its way into the carpets, seats, and those nooks and crannies. Interior car detailing starts by removing debris – even the smallest particles. This is completed when you vacuum the car interior.

There are several vacuums that can be used for car detailing – from the old cigarette-lighter powered car vacuum, reliable handheld vacuum dust-buster, to an industrial Shop Vac. The key to successful interior car detailing isn’t necessarily the vacuum you’re using – but the attachments and process used to remove those hard to remove contaminants.

As we continue with our Car Detailing 101 video and blog series, Adam Cote moves from outside the vehicle – to the interior – using a car vacuum cleaner with good suction power to remove pet hair and contaminants from the cup holder to those hard to reach tight spaces.

Take a few minutes to watch the video, then read the blog by Aiden Forde -


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