Car Detailing the DIRTIEST Land Rover | Filthy Deep Cleaning Mud Removal

Car Detailing the Dirtiest Muddy Land Rover Twisted in The UK. This Complete Disaster Transformation detail includes a full deep clean of the wheels, a pre wash clean and a heavy duty exterior shampoo. I'll take you through my satisfying process to deep clean and transform this Land Rover Defender.

This particular model just happens to be one of the most expensive models right now in the UK and is completely bespoke making this insane Land Rover Defender incredibly unique to work on. Lucky for me this car previously had G Techniq Crystal Serum light & Exo v4 to protect it so this disaster detail wasn't the worst car i've ever cleaned.

In this video i will be giving you a detailed breakdown of the entire process and talk about some of the detailing products that i use to get these insane results. I will also share my auto detailing top tips for cleaning your car as quickly as possible.

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Products Used from Yum Cars:
Ultra Soft Detailing Brushes
Wheel Woolies
Wheel Cleaner
Yum Drying Towel

Products Used from Bear Car Care:
Brilliance Hybrid Detailer
Drifter Tyre Gel

Other Products used:
G Techniq Wash Mitt -
Autosmart TFR
Tardis Tar and Glue removal
Microfibre Drying towel -
Car Dryer Same spec as mine -
Flunky -
Microfibre Cloths -
Vikan brush for tyres -

Cermic Coating used
Gtechniq EXO V4
G Techniq Crystal Serum Light

Tech used to film:

Sony Camera -
Smartphone 4k camera -
My Mic -
Tripod -

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