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We take you step by step on how to Ceramic Coat this BBS E88 Wheels with our Turbo Wax BOOSTED 2.0 Ceramic Coating.

BBS has been engineering true high-performance wheels for more than 50 years. Over the past 50 years, BBS wheels have won over 250 series Championships, ranging from F1, Touring Cars, Prototypes, Silhouette, Open-wheel, World Rally Championships, Hillclimb and Motorcycles. We understand what it takes to engineer wheels and technologies that can not only compete but can win Championships. Since BBS produces OE wheels for many manufacturers including companies like BMW, Ferrari, and Porsche, we understand the true performance requirements along with the proper load rating, tolerances, and durability specifications.

Turbo Wax BOOSTED 2.0 Ceramic Coating

Turbo Wax BOOSTED 2.0

Turbo Wax BOOSTED 2.0 Exterior Ceramic Coating 9H glass technology produces a semi-permanent barrier between your vehicle’s surface and the elements. This product will provide protection & a wet mirror shine for up to 2 years. This 30ML bottle contains enough product to completely protect two medium size vehicles. For large SUVs, 2 bottles are recommended.

Product Features:

- Passed the test of 9H pencil hardness under 1000g, Salt spray testing 240hours and thermal resistance
- Long-lasting hydrophobic affects more than 2 years for applying one layer coating;
- Super High gloss finish, gloss more than 98%-100%;
- Anti Scratch, Anti-graffiti with pencil hardness above 9H
- Anti high temperature above -400/+600Celsius
- Anti-UV, weather resistance
- Thermal, chemical resistance

Turbo Wax Quick Detailer Plus

Turbo Wax Quick Detailer Plus

Turbo Wax Quick Detailer Plus is a Hybrid Spray a combination of a so-called Spray Wax and a so-called Spray Detailer. Turbo Wax Quick Detailer is formulated with synthetic polymers and two proprietary ingredients that combined together will create a temporary layer of protection on the surface. Our Turbo Wax Quick Detailer Plus will work on painted surfaces, glass, carbon fiber, chrome, powder-coated parts, wraps, and ceramic coated surfaces! Our formula won't strip wax, a sealant from the surface. Streak-Free formula. Great hydrophobic properties. Watermelon Scent too!

Dry Application: If your vehicle has dust or fingerprints, you can simply spray Turbo Wax Quick Detailer Plus on a clean microfiber towel to remove the dust.

Wet Application: After you’ve washed and rinsed your vehicle, keep it wet. Simply apply a light mist of Turbo Wax Quick Detailer Plus r on the surface and dry. That’s it. As you dry your vehicle, Turbo Wax Quick Detailer Plus goes into action protecting and creating an amazing result.

Turbo Wax Wheel Cleaner Deluxe

Turbo Wax Wheel Cleaner Deluxe

Turbo Wax Wheel Cleaner Deluxe will clean your wheels and tires, easily destroys brake dust, oil & road grime without damaging or staining your wheels. Using the latest technology, Turbo Wax Wheel Cleaner Deluxe cleans any style wheel without acids, butyl ethers, harsh detergents, or other harmful chemicals. Our wheel cleaner is PH balanced and is clear coat safe! Safe for aluminum, chrome & alloy wheels, even hubcaps!!!

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