Mobile Car Cleaning Guide to a Standard Valet | HOW TO DO IT FAST!!!

I cover the entire step by step process on how to clean your car fast if you are mobile car cleaner. I cover best practices and how to be organized to make as much money as possible as a mobile car valeter/Detailer!

I reveal some of the biggest secrets in the mobile car detailing industry and show you what goes on behind the scenes. I also discuss controversial topics such as using the one bucket method and using synthetic chamois to dry your car.

Speed is everything when it comes to mobile car valeting/detailing. if you don't go fast you don't earn money. I have plenty of years experience in this industry so I know the best alternative methods for quick results.

We cover things like how to dry the car in the rain the best you can
How to clean your car glass
TFR vs Snow Foam
Chamois VS Microfibre Towel

Wheel Cleaners i use:
Yum Wheels/fallout remover YumCars -

Cleaning Tools Featured in this video:

Vikan brush for tyres -
Yum Cars Wheel Woolies
G Techniq Wash Mitt -
Kent Wash Noodle -
Microfibre Drying towel -
Car Dryer Same spec as mine -
Flunky -
Microfibre Cloths -

My Electrical Equipment:

My Pressure Washer -
Charles Vac -
Karcher sc4 steam cleaner -

Cameras used to film:

Sony Camera -
Smartphone 4k camera -
My Mic -
Tripod -

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This video is to provide my own personal experiences and is not liable for improper use when cleaning your car. The processes carried out in this video are based on my own clients expectations so you may have different experiences with your own detailing customers


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