Car Cleaning Amazing Transformation of an 18 year old faded red Car | Extreme Detailing

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In This Amazing Car Cleaning Transformation Detailing Video we See if Meguiar's Ultimate compound can really restore a faded red Vauxhall Corsa in under 5 hours. This 18 year Old Sun faded Car needed some extreme love & care with a clay bar and machine polish.

About the car: 2002 Vauxhall Corsa life. Red paint had bad sun damage and turned pink & white in places especially the roof. There was also a slight mould inside the car from a previous leak. This video shows real life conditions and experiences, No Studio, No special lighting Just pure dedication to transform & Protect this car using Ultimate compound by machine followed by Yum Ceramic.

Apologies in advance for the filming exposure. It was bright so had to put an ND filter on the car so it did take away the true faded colour.

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Tools used in this video:
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Electrical Equipment used:
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Tech Used:

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