First Wash In 20 Years | Extremely Moldy Cuttlass | Disaster Barn Find | Car Detailing Restoration!

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Join us as we give this Cuttlass its first wash in a very long time. The outside of this Oldsmobile has been completely covered in mold and algae due to the fact it has been left outside in the Florida elements for so long. We will be restoring the exterior and cleaning up the interior to make presentable and hopefully blow the customers mind! For the exterior of this car we will be fully paint correcting it as well as fully ceramic coating the car. You don't want to miss this extremely satisfying transformation video. Watch as we pressure wash all the mold off of this Cuttlass, filmed in the most satisfying way possible!
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Products used:
Tires Cleaner:
Wheel Cleaner:
Paint Pre-Wash:
Foam Cannon
Tire Shine:
Seat / Carpet Cleaner:
Lily Brush:

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