How to Wash a Car and Car Detailing? Car cleaning Mistakes

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#CarWash #CarCleaningMistake #CarDetailing

I show you how to properly wash your car at home, like a pro, in simple and easy steps! Washing your car is one of the most important maintenance aspects that will help protect your investment, increase its resale value and keep your ride looking nice all year long.
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aslamulcome friends agr ap car wash krany jaty hne to sub se phly apke gari ka Engine coll hona chaye os ke bad car wash krty waqt panj ka pressure km hona chye... gari ke engine ma to bilqul teez pressure ni hona chaye... ap gari ke engine ko wash krany se phly wo electric chezne jin ma pani jata hy ksi achy se shopar se dhanap dine... gari waah hony k bad achi trha pani ko kushuq krine os ke bad ap apni car par hmsha cosmic polish ka istmal krne.. mized ap es video ko least tk watch krne..


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