October 2020 Retake: Scrub-A-Dub Car Wash || Woburn Site

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Here is a very nice night visit of my local Scrub-A-Dub car wash while I was on my way to go do a massive road trip.

I filmed this wash many times in the last few years and I think this a better take then the rest of them. The last time I was here, some new changes have been made here. A set of pay stations were installed to speed up the wash a little bit, new signage were installed as well, new material was put on the mitters and wrap arounds and a Sonny’s conveyor that replaced the old AVW unit. Speaking of AVW, most of the equipment in this tunnel is old stuff from AVW, but I have no idea who made the vintage drying system.

This location is pretty large, as it has a gas station, a small C-Store, Interior Cleaning bays, Detailing bays, multiple vacuum stations, (FREE for unlimited members, $2 for regular customers) and this express exterior tunnel, packed with AVW and Unknown equipment. Usually, they have an attendant helping customers with the pay stations, but since this was taken at 7:00 at night, there weren’t any, only one attendant guiding customers onto the conveyor.

I honestly have no idea who made the drying system, as it looks pretty vintage. It has many, MANY producers, most are hooked up to massive tubes that are connected to the motors. They are very strong and manage to heat the inside of cars. TBH, they could use a replacement as they are getting very old. And yes, they do hang stuffed animals onto the dryers as they help calm down young kids who are afraid of the drying process, as the dryers are extremely loud.

All Scrub A Dub sites use Simoniz chemicals. Currently, none offer the Ceramic Sealant.

The wash shown in this video was the $25 Ultra Wash, which included:

*Express Wash
*Simoniz UltraShine (“30 Day Protection)
*Under Wash
*Rust Inhibitor
*Tire Shine
*Simoniz Vision Clear

Wash Quality: besides the soap at the beginning of the wash being very watery, the wash did a nice job! It scrubbed off the bird droppings on the driver’s side door and the dryers didn’t leave ANY water left on the car, which resulted in NO spots whatsoever. If you are in the Woburn area, this is a car wash that I recommend checking out.


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