10 Smart Car Detailing Tips Right From The Last Coat

Every driver knows that basic washing and protection help maintain the luster of a car’s paint.
It’s also common sense that simple vacuuming goes a long way toward keeping interiors fresh and attractive.

But what if you want to ensure your ride stays in tip-top condition?

There’s plenty more you can do — after all, a clean, well-maintained vehicle is practically guaranteed to have higher resale value than a clapped-out jalopy with peeling clearcoat and a cabin that looks like it was home to an entire family of trash-hoarding raccoons. To help keep your vehicle looking sharp, here are: 10 Smart Car Detailing Tips Right From The Last Coat

TLC Products in the Video :

The Last Coat new series "TLC Quick Tip" is here with its second video on 10 Smart Car Detailing Tips from The Last Coat. In this video, you'll learn a lot about detailing and cleaning your car the right way.

Time Stamps :
0:00 - Intro
0:44 #10 - An Ounce of Prevention
1:16 #9 - Let’s Not Forget the Interior
1:44 #8 - Apply Products to the Towel First
2:11 #7 - Handwashing Isn’t Always Better
3:03 #6 - Get With Claying
3:41 #5 - Strip It Down for Cheap
4:17 #4 - A Little Goes a Long Way
4:57 #3 - Glass Streaks Aren’t Cool
5:34 #2 - Prep is Key
6:05 #1 - Bird Droppings = Game Over

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