Clean Sweep Car Wash: South Broadway Site

This is another part of my road trip series.

Here is another wash that we did during my road trip to pick up my friends new dog! Unlike the last 3 washes, this one is a tunnel wash that operates as a flex service site. Clean Sweep operates 2 other locations in the Lexington KY area along with this one. Due to time constraints, I was only able to film this location. But I’ll likely film the other 2 in the future.

This location operates as a flex service car wash, so it can do full service and exterior washing, along with detailing services. There are three lanes at the car wash entrance. The first two are for full service customers and detailing, while the last lane is a single express lane for exterior only customers. Exterior customers purchase a wash at the attendant booth, and drive over to the tunnel wash and they stay in the car. For full service customers, after they purchased their package, they exit the vehicle and go into the lobby while the car get its interior cleaned before being sent through the tunnel. All customers receive FREE towel drying regardless what package they purchased.

This wash mostly has some older Sonny’s equipment in it, including an unknown high pressure arch which looks like an older Sonny’s unit, but I can’t really tell. There is a single PECO arch at the exit of the wash along with a ProtoVest IP330 dryer along with 3 Sonny’s dryers. The conveyor is also a old Sonny’s unit as well. So most of the equipment in this tunnel is original. A hot wax applicator and a few LED lights were added later.

The wash shown in this video was the $22 The Works Wash which included:

*Express Wash, Protect & Shine
*Wheel Deal
*Simoniz Hot Wax (FAIL)
*Wheel Brite
*Tire Shine
*Triple Clear Coat Conditioner
*Clear Coat Sealant
*Towel Dry

Wash Quality: very good! The dryers didn’t work that good but they are old ProtoVest and Sonny’s dryers so what do you expect? Besides that, this is a really good car wash and I highly recommend it to anyone who is in the Lexington KY area!


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