Cleaning the dirtiest car ever! Ford Fiesta deep clean disaster detail!

In this video I breath some life back into a Ford Fiesta that was destined for the crusher! Purchased from the insurance auction for a paltry £180 inc. fees and in a real sorry state it would almost surely have been broken for parts had I not bought it.

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Below are some of the products I like to use
These are affiliate links, meaning I get a small percentage back if you make purchases using the links below. This is appreciated as your are supporting the channel which helps me to continue to make more videos 🙂

Amazon links - Some brands may vary due to availability between UK and USA Amazon websites: Where possible I have provided an equivalent.

Exterior products
Fallout Remover

Aerospace 303 - plastic dressing lasts well and Is great for wheel arches and engines
UK -

Fusso wax - a great wax for dark colours , lasts ages - just don’t let it dry in for too long before removal!

Sonax brilliant shine detailer , ideal for use after washing and protection lasts ages, takes less than five minutes to quickly go round a medium sized car

Really good buffing cloths -

Glass cleaning cloths -

Gtechniq drying towels -

Bilt hamber multi purpose cleaner (similar to Autosmart G101) -

clay bar - UK

Ez Detail wheel brush -

Polishing and scratch removal
Meguiars cutting compound 105 - a great all round cutting compound that can be used to finish as well as having very good cutting abilities -

Meguiars polishing finishing polish 205 - one of the best and easy to use finishing polishes I have ever used. -

Interior products

Lithium hyper cleanse - I could only find this on USA Amazon , a shame for us in the uk because it’s awesome, but good for you Americans 🙂

Carpro Perl - natural look dressing - dilute to your desired finish

Leather sealant - gtechniq L1 - you don’t know its there until you go to clean your leather and the dirt just wipes off - great stuff

Silicone interior dressing - You either love it or hate it! This one smells great too and is my favourite

Carpet /fabric cleaner - dirt busters.

Gtechniq smart fabric protector - MUST HAVE WITH KIDS! Protects fabrics from spills, also great on fabric roofs. -

Leather cleaning brush ..


Lilly pet hair removal brush - You need one of these.

Pet hair block

Marolex pump sprayers-
Industry 2000 ideal for seats / carpets etc
Foaming sprayer, great for engine etc
Large sprayer for general outside work, wheel film removers, pre wash

Great general purpose microfibres 36 for approx £20, great value!

Kwazar spray pump bottles - a valeting favourite, these are as dependable as the sunrise - but I think the Marolex bottles above have upped the game - still worth a look though

Magic erasers - not cheapest but about the best I’ve tried. The cheap ones fall to pieces almost instantly
Sorry I couldn’t find this particular brand on USA site

Ez detail wheel and arch brushes - the best wheel and arch cleaning brushes I’ve ever used!
Don’t waste your time with cheaper stuff - these ones actually last - just rinse after use.
Large wheel brush ..
Small wheel brush ..

Long wheel arch brush ..

Vikan multi brush set -

Drill brush attachment for carpets and upholstery ]

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