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This is by far the BIGGEST PAYCHCECK I’VE EVER CASHED in auto detailing. Wanna see it go down? Watch as we wash, polish and coat an Airstream International trailer!!!

My paint correction go-to tool/product list!

Scangrip Headlamp (amazing for interior detailing & polishing):

Flex Rotary Polisher:

Rupes Dual Action Polisher:

Rupes Mini (for 3-inch pads):

Koch Chemie Compounds, Polishes, Pads:

Meguiar's microfiber disc for dual action polisher:

2000 Grit Sandpaper:

3000 Grit Sandpaper Trizact discs:

KXK Dynamics R.I.D. Stix:

Polish removal towel:

Super plush Autofiber 470 GSM towel:

All purpose cleaner:

Paint Prep/Wax and Grease remover (dilutable! 1 part product to 5 parts water -- works amazing)

Microfiber Ceramic Coating Applicator Sponge with Plastic Barrier:

If you like the idea of a simple paint correction system, with one compound and one fantastic polish, use promo code “HAWK” for 15% off on Oberk’s website (they have awesome pads, too. I used their yellow pad and Supreme Polish 2 for this paint):


My interior products of choice!!!

Bio Break Pre Spray w/enzymes (for stained/nasty carpets):

Flex Ice neutralizing extractor mix:

Mytee Lite Hot Water Extractor:

Ridgid Vacuum:

Anti-wicking spray for cloth seats (Spot Stop):

URINE NEUTRALIZER (amazing for ice melt):

VX5000 steamer:

California Air Tools Air Compressor:

Tornador Black interior cleaning gun:

Scangrip Headlamp (amazing for interior detailing):

Omni Air Mover (one directional, it's cheaper than the circular one):

Best Odor Counteractant:

Encap-Clean DS2 (1-step carpet shampoo with anti-wicking properties):

Hawk Pro Detailing is based in Heber City, Utah:
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