Ceramic Coating the Tesla Model Y!! | New Car Detail Series (Part 4)

After a short break, we are finally back to bring you the final video in our new car detail series featuring this BRAND NEW Tesla Model Y. In this video, we will be coating the beautiful red multi-coat paint with Gtechniq's Crystal Serum Light (CSL) and EXOv4. CSL/EXO is so easy to work with, and it's a great coating package for detailers and pro-sumers looking to get into ceramic coatings.

Product Links:

Wheel Cleaning
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Speedmaster Wheel Brush -
TUF Shine Tire Brush -
Chemical Guys Wheel Brush -
Adam's Trim and Lugnut Detail Brush -
CarPro PERL (Tire Dressing) -
Obsessed Garage Tire Dressing -

Adam's Car Shampoo -
Adam's Ultra Foam Car Shampoo -
MTM PF22.2 Foam Cannon -
The Rag Company Cyclone Wash Mitt -
Obsessed Garage Decontamination Soap -

Adam's Rolling Detailer's Set -
Detail Guardz Hose Guides -
Marolex Foamer/Sprayer - -

P&S Bead Maker -
Gtechniq CSL/EXOv4 Package -
CarPro Applicator Block -
Microsuede Applicators -
Coating removal towels -
The Rag Company Twist Loop Drying Towel -

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