Steam Cleaning Leather Seats – Auto Detailing with Steam!

This unit is amazing, it is very easy to use, very powerful, works great. I have used it to clean so many different items throughout the house, car interior carpets, leather seats, showers, sinks, stove tops, etc, etc. Overall performance is very good. Most of the unit is made of plastic, so I am hoping it holds up over time, but so far all is good. Comes with many useful attachments, hose & power cord is long enough. One little improvement I would like to see is a site glass window or gauge, so you can tell how much water is in the tank. But other than this minor detail unit is a great cleaning tool to have around the house.

Steaming leather car seats is an amazing way for detailers to get superior results, but there are some serious dangers that you need to watch out for. Steam cleaning leather car seats is one of my favorite ways to detail leather because it cleans, and prepares them perfectly for conditioning, but while I love steaming car leather, there are many situations where I have to seriously dial down the amount of steam cleaning I am doing. In this video, I share one of those situations with this small SUV lexus where I am detailing the leather seats. Follow along, and learn the many different areas of detailing car leather where you need to be hypersensitive, so that you don't damage something that you can't repair!

This is a filthy Honda Accord which is perfect to demonstrate 3 different approaches to leather cleaning. The 3 techniques are "options" that might work for whatever car (based on condition, age, material, etc) you are working with. These are simply techniques, options, or "suggestions" of how I would ASSESS the current condition, then TEST each approach on the material. Please use caution on any interior surface when your restoring its condition. (In this case, its modern leather)


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