Steam Washing a Car by Mcculloch Steam Cleaner 1385 – Auto Detailing

McCulloch MC1385 : My wife and I lived in an industrial apartment when we bought this. Our floors were concrete and had large crevices we needed to clean. We are very clean people, but we have 3 fur babies and somehow got fleas in our house. If you know anything about fleas, it is absolute hell to completely get rid of them. You can’t just treat the house and your animals.... because fleas can remain dormant for up to 90 days! Then Boom you have another round of fleas to kill. All it takes is one flea hitching a ride into your home on your shoes or a pet... give it a couple weeks and you have a full blown flea infestation. That is what happened to us. Most flea killing products have big claims and small results but HUGE SIDE EFFECTS. So I searched for natural approaches. We stripped every single cloth item that we owned and ran it through the dryer on hot. If I couldn’t be dried then we washed it on Hot. Then we vacuumed everything about 2-3 times a day! We washed our fur kids in dawn once a week and flea combed them daily at least once. Then we separated the kids into a smaller space of the home while we treated the whole apartment with food grade “Diatomaceous earth”. Let that sit for 24 hrs. Vacuumed very thoroughly! Then steamed every single crack and crevice every other day! including all of our furniture! I know it’s a lot, but you HAVE TO stay on top of fleas constantly even after they’ve been gone for a bit. Se continued this method for a little over 3 months because as stated above a flea can remain dormant for 90 days. With a lot of hard work and this steamer, We managed to completely cure our flea infestation with no harsh chemicals & no side effects. Love all of the attachments!


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