Zipline Express Car Wash: Woodcrest Site

Now open in Woodcrest, CA!!!

Zipline's third tunnel uses the latest equipment from Motor City Wash Works and QualChem chemistry to produce an excellent wash result. They have 2 sets of Crossover Wraps, 2 Accelerator top brushes, second generation Axis arch, Bulldog wheel brush, AutoVac blowers, Super Shiner, and a Dry N Shine top brush. It is one of the first car washes in California to use black wall panels to ease cleaning and improve the light show. Top package customers receive the Monster Bath (using a Vaughan Tsunami), triple foam, NanoNauba carnauba wax, Nanopel protectant, ProShine clear coat protection, the Dry N Shine, and tire shine. Be sure to visit if you are in the area!


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