WHEEL CLEANING TIPS MADE EASY With the Best Car cleaning products for the job

In Today's video i will give you 5 easy steps for clean wheels for regular maintenance cleans plus throw in some power tips on keeping your wheels clean and go through some of the best car cleaning products to use for the job at hand.

For step number one its essential that you give your wheels a rinse first to remove any loose dirt or grit.

Step number 2 consists of spraying a ph neutral wheel cleaner or fallout remover on to the alloy wheels and work on one wheel at a time

(power tip) While the chemical is dwelling give the tyres & wheel arches a scrub with some APC (all purpose cleaner) cleaner. FR or Citrus Pre Wash Will also do

Step number three: Using soft car cleaning brushes start off by agitating the dirt off the wheel faces.

(Wheel Cleaning Tip) Start top and work your way down this way you get more use from your product/ wheel cleaner.

Step 4 Drying the wheels with a soft microfibre towel

Step 5: dressing the tyres using a premium Tyre Gel.
(tyre dressing tips) Apply the gel to the applicator sponge not the tyre itself as this will help give a nice even finish on the tyre wall.

Products used:

My Pressure Washer -
Tyre Gel -
wheel Cleaner-
Wheel Woolies -
Caliper Woolies -
Original Woolies -

Tech used:

Sony Camera -
My Mic -
Tripod -

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