Golden Shine Car Care Ultimate Maintainer Auto Detailing Kit GS-UM with California Car Duster

Golden Shine Ultimate Maintainer Kit

This handy kit includes everything you need to keep that brilliant Golden Shine luster going between deep clean sessions, including our signature wood handle Original California Car Duster that utilizes the proven technology of paraffin wax baked into 100% cotton strands to lift and remove dust and not just push it around. The kit also includes a 3-pack of Quick Shine Premium Microfiber Towels and a 2-pack of Tire & Trim Applicators to use with the 16oz bottles (1 each) of Quick Shine Instant Detailer for reviving that just-waxed look, Tire & Trim Dressing to restore vitality while protecting your dash and tires from cracking and drying, and Clean & Clear Glass to bring out the streak free sparkle of windows and mirrors.

Original California Car Duster with wood handle
Golden Shine Quick Shine Instant Detailer Spray 16 oz bottle
Golden Shine Tire & Trim Dressing 16 oz bottle
Golden Shine Clean & Clear Glass Cleaner 16 oz bottle
Golden Shine Premium Detailing Towels 3-Pack
Golden Shine Foam Applicators 2 -Pack


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