Before and After Paint Correction | 2004 Mazda Miata transformation | Auto detailing transformation

Before and after paint correction ! I have a short little clip showing the 2004 mazda miata transformation we had happen recently at the shop. This gained a full car paint transformation after our two stage paint correction on this very dull red little mazda. This is a major auto detailing transformation to join the ranks on youtube.

This car belongs to a good client of mine who just sold his subaru wrx and picked up this nice comfortable little daily for himself. This thing is in quite amazing condition for its age. The paint is pretty much in tact very minimal real physical damage, the wheels looked pretty decent and the interior carpeting has all been replaced and it looks amazing. It has a nice roll bar set up in the rear area as well.

Although the paint was in tact it needed some serious love, it was brought to us as a very dirty car and in dire need of clay bar treatment and it probably could have benefited from Iron X treatment as well if we did that kinda thing. So we prepped it for polishing using Feynlab Pure Rinseless wash, we used Shine supply shine mist as our best clay bar lubricant and then it was paint corrected in two stages using shine supply classic cut and shine supply classic polish. We used Meguiars microfiber pads and finished it out with griot garage black foam finishing pads leaving it with a pretty damn good finish for as 16 year old car that took some serious hammering with compound to remove swirls and RIDS from. It was probably a 85% improvement on swirls and RIDS.

We applied 2 layers of surface protective solutions graphene paint coating to all the painted surfaces, we used NEXGEN ceramic spray on the wheels to brighten them up, Feynlab Plastic ceramic coating on the headlights and tail lights, Shine supply decked out tire dressing on the tires and Feynlab Textile cloth ceramic coating on the soft top after a good cleaning up there as well. This car is now fully protected and ready to rock and roll on the streets of LA!

It was quite the transformation on this awesome little car. I can't believe how nicely the red paint shines outside with the graphene coating on it after paint correction. It looks like a 2020 car but its still just a 2004 mazda miata with original paint from 2004 that has somehow survived the California sun aside from its mirrors which have peeling clear coat and we could not do anything about. We also applied Rayno Window Films S9 ceramic window film on the front windshield in 70% and on the rear window in 5%, the doors were already tinted previously. Rayno window films S9 nano ceramic window tint has amazing IRR and UV protective properties and will keep you cooler in your car when you're driving on a hot sunny day.
Our client was stoked to see how awesome his little car looked.

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