Detailing A Vintage Car | Ceramic Coating A 1935 Ford Roadster | FocusOnDetailing

#detailing #classic #FordDetailing A Vintage Car | 1935 Ford Roadster | FocusOnDetailingIn this long overdue upload I delve into working on one of the oldest cars I've ever had the privilege of detailing.This classic 1935 Ford Roadster was in great condition as it was obviously refurbished (I don't know how long ago) but the owner was after it to be brought up to that next level, bringing the most out of it and to allow for easy maintenance. So keeping that in mind I ran through a complete 3 stage correction with a ceramic coating to finish and filmed the entire process.It was a big 2 and a half day job, had many challenges but was very rewarding in the end to see the finished result!Product list:APC: Compound: Polish: Polish: Cleanse: Coating: Protection: Shine:, cars, car, car detailing, vintage, 30s, vlog, howto, how to, how-to, focusondetailing, autoraz, shine supply, products, testing, review, detailer, canon90d, 90D, GoPro Hero 7, ceramic coating, beadlockpro, Ford, follow, subscribe, clean, therapeutic, results, waxit, coating, polishing, v8,


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